Nov 23, 2011

Holiday Pieces

I got inspired and decided to craft a few holiday pieces to go along with the theme of the holiday season. Festive pieces to really put one in the holiday spirit. Stay tuned for more to come. My first piece is winter inspired snowflake earrings.

Nov 21, 2011

Featured EtsyBlogger: MagdaleneJewels

This month we EtsyBloggers are featuring the talented Magdalene Jewels. This EtsyBlogger has not one but two great shops. She has been crocheting and knitting since a very early age. Her skill and craftsmanship can be seen in her adorable baby moccasins and stuffed lamb above. She also has some lovely jewelry pieces in her other shop. Many showcasing one of her favorite materials, Swarovski crystal. I just love this red heart necklace which is just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Stop by her shops at and

Nov 9, 2011

New Necklace

I created this dainty and delicate pendant as a reminder that one should live in the present moment. A lot of times we get so busy thinking about the past or planning for the future that we miss what is happening right "now." So this pendant will serve the wearer in bringing them back to the present.

Oct 20, 2011

Silver Yoga Bag Charm

I am so excited to announce my new accessory: Silver Yoga Bag Charm! A great accessory to add to your yoga bag (yoga bag and mat not included) or any bag that you decide to jazz up. It easily attaches with a swivel clip. It features popular yoga positions: Downward Dog, Warrior Pose, and the Tree Pose. A bag charm that any enthusiast can appreciate.

Oct 19, 2011

Halloween Plans

This month we Etsy Bloggers are writing about our plans for Halloween. I am very excited because I will be trying something new this year. I will of course be visiting my usual pumpkin patch in order to pick out my favorite pumpkin or pumpkins. The maze, hay ride, and haunted house will also add to the fun and make it feel like Fall has really arrived. This is such a wonderful time of year. I will decorate and carve my pumpkins based on an article I saw in a magazine last year that I will get to try this year. They had cute ideas for making your pumpkins look like black cats and ghosts with paint, carving, and rhinestones. I can't wait to get started.

Oct 11, 2011


Just added a new necklace to my Birthstone Necklace Collection. Since October is almost over I have added November's Birthstone Necklace to my collection. Along with this I am offering a sale in my shop on this specific collection. I still have more Birthstone Necklaces to add so if you do not see will be coming soon. Starting October 11th through November 25th I will be offering 15% off any of the Birthstone Meditating Figure Necklaces.

Aug 11, 2011

Fall Plans

We EtsyBloggers are blogging this month about our creative plans for this coming fall. I am so excited because I am working on 12 new pieces for my Etsy shop. These necklaces feature a small meditating figure that have each month's birthstone in the center. These pieces allow the buyer to pick their individual birthstone color while also gaining the benefits from the healing properties of each individual color. First up will be January which is a deep red color usually represented by the stone Garnet. Red is associated with energy, confidence, and courage in terms of color therapy. I will add each month in order as I complete them.

Jul 1, 2011

Featured EtsyBlogger: Tamdoll

This month we EtsyBloggers are featuring Tamdoll's Silver Mountain Originals. What a shop. When I say it has somethinig for everyone it literally does. This multi-talented crafter makes dolls, totes, and jewelry. And she cleverly calls her creations "wearable art." Take a look at some of my faves above. How cute are these jelly doughnut earrings! They even look like they have icing on top. The horse tote is right up my alley as I am a huge horse lover. And the little hat charm is perfect. The mermaid doll pattern is a great idea. A person gets the instructions and pattern to create this unique doll, but can put their own individuality into it and make each doll created uniquely theirs. Check out her shop at and visit her blog at

Jun 27, 2011


This month my blog will be a combination of two topics that we EtsyBloggers were to write about. The first topic is about our favorite summer activities. I love the water so my favorite summer activity is to go to the beach again and again. If the beach is not an option then a lake or pool will do nicely. I love spending lazy summer days just relaxing by the water. Kick in an awesome barbeque dinner and that is the perfect summer day. To add to my perfect summer day, I will share my favorite summer recipe. I enjoy sipping smoothies while out by the pool. This recipe is so simple: Simply add 1 cup sweetened vanilla yogurt, 3/4 cup milk, 2 ice cubes, and 1/2 cup frozen strawberries in a blender and blend it up until smooth. If it is too thick then add some more milk. If too thin then add more yogurt or strawberries. I've also used blueberries and raspberries in this recipe. Super healthy, yummy, and nice and cold on a hot summer day. Enjoy.

Jun 1, 2011

Vacationing Down Under

This month for my blog post about real life instead of the shop, we EtsyBloggers are writing about our experiences vacationing or living "Down Under." I have visited Australia a few times and absolutely love it. I have done many of the sights, but my favorite is definitely the Great Barrier Reef. You take a boat out to the different reef areas and then you get your scuba or snorkeling gear on and dive right in. After a few hours of diving you get to eat a wonderful lunch boatside and then it is off to another reef for a whole new diving experience. The undisturbed beauty and peace of it all is breathtaking. It is definitely worth a visit.

Featured EtsyBlogger: Nanjo Dogz

This month we EtsyBloggers are featuring a really neat artist who runs the shop called Nanjo Dogz. I absolutely love these wonderful beads. I am such an animal lover and these beads would make the most wonderful addition to any jewelry piece. I am especially partial to the Boston Terrier, English Bulldog, and French Bulldog pieces. The little bee is so cute on the Terrier's ear and the little turquoise bead on the English Bulldog's neck adds the perfect splash of color. The beads are made out of polymer clay and are then sealed with varnish so they are well-made and beautiful. Stop by this shop at and check out her blog at

Mar 31, 2011

Featured EtsyBlogger: Mystic Wynd

This month we EtsyBloggers are featuring the shop called Mystic Wynd. The talented crafter behind this shop is originally a Midwesterner who now resides in Arizona. She likes to write poetry and runs her shop by a wonderful philosophy: "An awareness of peace and love rose anew, As the spirit found truth and the Mystic Wynd blew...," which she of course wrote herself. This shop has so many styles and designs from vintage to spiritual that there is definitely something for everyone. Take a look at some of my favorites. Stop by and visit her shop at or visit her blog at

Mar 28, 2011

Spring is Here!

This month, it is March and that means Spring has arrived! We EtsyBloggers are blogging about the "first signs of spring." For me, I know that Spring is here when the sun starts to shine all day and the grey days of winter are a thing of the past. I love the fact that it stays lighter longer and it just rejuvinates me. I can't wait till the chance of a last frost has passed and I will begin planting my garden. I've already prepped everything. Just need to plant. After that I'll be putting all my new energy into new and bright jewelry designs.

Mar 5, 2011

Featured EtsyBlogger

This month we EtsyBloggers are featuring Faerie Garden Fancies. This shop is amazing. The creator/shop owner is so creative. She is a substitute teacher who finds the time to craft and write. This shop is full of items from paintings to sculptures to jewelry. Stop by and take a look. A few of my favorites are posted here. How cute are those smores ornaments or the cinnamon bun earrings. Very clever. Visit her shop at or check out her latest news on her blog at

Feb 28, 2011

An EtsyBlogger Winter

This month we EtsyBloggers are blogging about winter. Of course since we are in the thick of it, we are all wishing for spring and summer. I know I am. I can't wait to be swimming and grilling. But my faaaavorite thing to do and which I try to do a few times every winter is to get away for a weekend here and there and stay at a nice cozy lodge. No technology allowed. I then spend the day with my family skiing, snowboarding, drinking cocoa, and sitting lazily by the fire. Very cliche, but oh so wonderful. Hope everyone stays warm and enjoys the rest of their winter season.

Feb 1, 2011


I was featured in another treaury!!! Thanks for the support of newbies like me :) Go take a look:

Featured EtsyBlogger: The Art of Joy

This month we EtsyBloggers are featuring The Art of Joy. This teacher turned artist, librarian, and mom has a wonderful shop full of great items. Her specialty is vector art. Her shop has lovely handcrafted calenders, invitations, notecards, and stickers. Many uniques designs. The best part is that there is no need to wait on shipping, once a buyer purchases an item, it can be downloaded to their computer and printed. Instant gratification. Take a look at some of my favorites. Take the time to visit her shop at and visit her blog at

Jan 23, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Well it is almost the end of January and I'm are those New Year's Resolutions coming along? If you are like me then they are probably a bit delayed ;) However, I want to get back on track and I am going to talk about some of mine for this upcoming year. I of course have the usual ones: get back into the gym routine, eat healthy, etc., but I also have a few for my business this year. The first two will be to post on my Facebook Page and to Tweet a bit more. I want to finally complete my own webpage which I will of course share with you all once I do. But my main resolution is time management. Time management in that I want to manage my time to where I have more time to spend doing what I love doing and that is of course actually making jewelry. I think I will get started right now :)