Mar 31, 2011

Featured EtsyBlogger: Mystic Wynd

This month we EtsyBloggers are featuring the shop called Mystic Wynd. The talented crafter behind this shop is originally a Midwesterner who now resides in Arizona. She likes to write poetry and runs her shop by a wonderful philosophy: "An awareness of peace and love rose anew, As the spirit found truth and the Mystic Wynd blew...," which she of course wrote herself. This shop has so many styles and designs from vintage to spiritual that there is definitely something for everyone. Take a look at some of my favorites. Stop by and visit her shop at or visit her blog at

Mar 28, 2011

Spring is Here!

This month, it is March and that means Spring has arrived! We EtsyBloggers are blogging about the "first signs of spring." For me, I know that Spring is here when the sun starts to shine all day and the grey days of winter are a thing of the past. I love the fact that it stays lighter longer and it just rejuvinates me. I can't wait till the chance of a last frost has passed and I will begin planting my garden. I've already prepped everything. Just need to plant. After that I'll be putting all my new energy into new and bright jewelry designs.

Mar 5, 2011

Featured EtsyBlogger

This month we EtsyBloggers are featuring Faerie Garden Fancies. This shop is amazing. The creator/shop owner is so creative. She is a substitute teacher who finds the time to craft and write. This shop is full of items from paintings to sculptures to jewelry. Stop by and take a look. A few of my favorites are posted here. How cute are those smores ornaments or the cinnamon bun earrings. Very clever. Visit her shop at or check out her latest news on her blog at