Jul 1, 2011

Featured EtsyBlogger: Tamdoll

This month we EtsyBloggers are featuring Tamdoll's Silver Mountain Originals. What a shop. When I say it has somethinig for everyone it literally does. This multi-talented crafter makes dolls, totes, and jewelry. And she cleverly calls her creations "wearable art." Take a look at some of my faves above. How cute are these jelly doughnut earrings! They even look like they have icing on top. The horse tote is right up my alley as I am a huge horse lover. And the little hat charm is perfect. The mermaid doll pattern is a great idea. A person gets the instructions and pattern to create this unique doll, but can put their own individuality into it and make each doll created uniquely theirs. Check out her shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/tamdoll and visit her blog at http://tamdoll.blogspot.com