Sep 22, 2010

BESTeam Feature: Danizabeth

This week I had the pleasure of featuring the store Danizabeth. This store gets its name from the photographer's first and middle names combined. She loves the Cubs and shoes and works as a graphic designer at a newspaper. Throughout her years of art experience she has worked with many different mediums and realized that photography was her "passion." As a young girl she would go to salvage yards with her dad to see what kinds of treasures they could find, especially old car keys. And this has been her inspiration for her very cool classic car photos. They are great and would make a wonderful series to put up on any wall. The perspectives that she captures are really creative and showcase her talent. Take a look at a few of my favorites. The guitar and the wreath are nice unexpected additions. I love the pink classic car. It's just the right amount of girly with an edge. Take a look at her shop at or read her blog at or become a fan at

Sep 15, 2010

Etsy Bloggers: Life Quarter Goals

1. Are you in the first quarter of your life (up to age 25), second quarter of your life (up to age 50), or 3rd quarter (beyond age 50)? Describe your goals and dreams for your current "quarter." How have they changed over time?

This month for my Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival, I was asked to ponder my life a bit in whichever stage that I am in and to describe my goals and dreams. This is a great question that forces you to think and gain a little perspective on where you would like to be going in your life in this life quarter. Well, I am currently in the 2nd quarter of my life and I have been pretty steadfast in my goals and dreams with very little changing over time. My main goals for this quarter are to travel more and to continue my education. Both of those I have been making a conscious effort in doing. The newest goal involves my Etsy shop. This is a relatively new endeavor for me. Making my shop a success is a goal that I have now added to the To-Do List for this quarter of my life. Any one else wish to share their goals for their quarter?

BESTeam Feature: Blue Forest Jewellery

This week I have the pleasure of featuring Blue Forest Jewellery. I am excited to be featuring a fellow jewelry maker and I really loved taking a look at all of her pretty designs. She lives in England and enjoys the simple things in life such as walking in the forest with her dog. She actually coined her shop name from the forest near her house that reflects blue hues at certain times. And much of the inspiration for her pieces comes from nature as well. This is apparent in her color combinations, as well as, in her choice of favorite materials which include pearls, quartz, and semi-precious stones. Take a look at some of my faves. These "Just Turquoise Bead and Silver Earrings" are classically elegant. I love turquoise as a gemstone and when crafted into jewelry it is always a good thing :) The "Delicate Heart Garnet, Peridot and Iolite Necklace" is very nice. The heart pendant is unique and the color choices are beautiful. Peridot is so pretty. And also the "Handmade All the Leaves Are Brown Glass and Silver Tone Chain Necklace" is so stylish. Leaves are very in right now and the necklace reminds me of fall, one of my favorite times of year. Definitely stop by this shop and have a look. You can visit her shop at or follow her blog at or get up to the minute updates through twitter at

Sep 7, 2010

BESTeam Feature

This week I am featuring a shop called Cutesy Bootsie. This shop owner lives in south Florida, but doesn't let the lack of cold weather stop her from knitting some absolutely beautiful hats and scarves. She is an animal lover who likes to travel and spend time exploring new shops to see what kind of neat things she can find. Her favorite thing to buy of course is yarn. She uses quality yarn in all of her designs and the colors are just lovely. My favorites are pictured above. Just take a look at this adorable "Punkin Pumpkin Baby Hat." It is perfect for the upcoming season and Halloween is just around the corner. The "Seaform Set" is a soothing color and reminds me of the beach in the winter in the Northeast. The thickness of the scarf looks so cozy. And the "Berry Blast" scarf is just a really fun color. It will brighten up any winter day. You really must stop by this shop and take a look at or find out more about this shop at or become a fan at or follow along on Twitter at

Sep 6, 2010

Romantic Autumn Treasury

I am so excited! I was featured in my first treasury this past week. Check out the lovely treasury called Romantic Autumn by realfaery. You can see view the treasury here at My item is the Eloquent Yellow, Brown, and Grey Septarian Nodule Necklace.